For the last four years, the GNF Gallery has built an exciting, forward-looking programme aimed at bringing young artists into public view and fostering new talents. While many galleries in Brussels focus on solo shows, the gallery has invested significant resources in developing curated group exhibitions exploring the interaction between art and popular culture, science and technology, economics and political change. This approach is based on the belief that a contemporary gallery ought to be more than a commercial space and can become a matrix for the development or new practices and the production of knowledge. Consistent with this approach, the gallery boasts its own residency programme, “Basement Project”, as well as ongoing collaborations with La Cambre School of Visual Arts in Brussels and the Royal College of Art in London. As the gallery’s programme matures, many of the artists it represents have began to elicit critical and commercial interest among collectors, vindicating the gallery's approach. In 2015-16, the gallery will be expanding its activities further and developing new means to engage with artists and the public.
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