Basement Project is a space of openings parallel to the gallery. Autonomous and distinct from the gallery’s programme, it is linked to it by its collaborative philosophy and proposes the co-construction of its content.
To think art and its relationships to other fields of human endeavour in a multidisciplinary manner is the basis of the project: to open up our categories of analysis and perhaps contribute to create new ones.
Knowledge is constituted through exchanging discourse et enabling contact between different points of view - this is why Basement Project intends for conversation, dialogue and critical debate to be central to its activities.
To allow oneself to conceive strange ideas, to test hypotheses, even if they are improbable, to venture into dark, subterranean territory.
A space for proposals
Basement Project is primarily an empty space, for its function is to be open to proposals and adapt itself to them. It is is a multidisciplinary space - it is open to artists from all fields, independent curators, academics and art schools, as well as institutions and other galleries.The project is open to external proposals that meet the following criteria: a) relevance of the proposal in relation to the objectives of Basement Project; b)collaborative and/or participative dimension. For proposals and inquiries: